Real Estate Assessment

UE “Vitebsk branch of the BelCCI” offers to You to use our services for real estate assessment (capital buildings, isolated rooms, constructions and transmission devices) and plots of land for:

  • pledge of property to the bank;
  • selling to the particular buyer or on the auction;
  • recognition of unrecorded property;
  • insurance and determination of damage;
  • solving of property disputes in the court (including solving of disputes as legal expertise);
  • the first application and usage of the IFRS;
  • fixtures reassessment;
  • enterprise liquidation, as well as the bankruptcy procedure;
  • buyout or another ejectment from the owner for the state needs;
  • the separation of the initial cost of the inventory object;
  • other purposes found to conform to Law.

In the assessment department staff of our enterprise there are experienced certified assessors. The right to perform independent assessment of the state property is granted to our enterprise by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus № 615 from 13.10.2006.

Our assessors successfully carry out works on real estate assessment for JSC “Vitebskoblavtotrans”, JSC “Vitebskles”, JSC “Plant Equipment for automatic control”, Insurance company “TASK”, “Belgosstrakh” and other enterprises.

Departments in Orsha, Polotsk, Glubokoe, Lepel and Novolukoml allow to reduce work time and to solve real estate assessment questions promptly on the territory of Vitebsk region.