Qualified translators with extensive experience will translate documents of any volume as soon as possible:

  • Technical (technical documentation translation: patents, standards, instruction manuals, etc.);

  • Translation of legal and regulatory documents (regulations and statutes, the Memorandums and Articles, license agreements, etc.);

  • Translation of commercial and business documents (business correspondence, bids and offers, shipping documentation);

  • Translation of IT documentation (texts for websites, software, etc.);

  • Translation of personal documents, including notarization of authenticity of translator's signature (passports, certificates, diplomas).

The cost of work is calculated, basing on the total number of characters with spaces in the final text of the translation, which is determined by using the function “Statistics” in the menu “Service” of the application Microsoft Word. This technique of calculation allows to assess the volume of translation in the most objective way, regardless of font size, line spacing, images or drawings on the page. 1 add-ons page of text is 1800 characters with spaces.

If a document contains less than 1800 characters, its value is calculated as per 1 add-ons page. Documents for translation can be sent by

Standard terms of the translation of one page (including personal documents) – 1 day (from today to tomorrow). In other cases, the terms are specified when ordering, depending on the size and complexity of the text.

Urgent translation is carried out in a period less than 1 working day from the date of registration of the order. Its cost is 30% higher than the standard order.

Please, note that the translation of technical documents, medical, legal, economic and of other topics is considered to be a specialized one, hence the cost is 30% higher than the cost of a standard order.

When we perform an urgent translation of specialized documentation, its value increases by 50%.

Information for legal entities You can find here.