The Visit of the General Director of the Vitebsk Branch of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vorobyeva Natalia to Arkhangelsk

The general director of the Vitebsk branch of the BelCCI took part in the meeting of the working group on a cooperation of the Republic of Belarus and the Arkhangelsk region. The meeting carried out within the working visit of a government delegation headed by the deputy prime minister of the Republic of Belarus Mikhail I. Rusyi to Arkhangelsk.

In the course of working meetings preliminary agreements of the holding of a contact-cooperation exchange in the framework of a return visit to the Vitebsk region of the delegation of the Arkhangelsk region business circles of the Russian Federation on the basis of the Vitebsk branch of  the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the first half of 2017 were reached.

Within the visit the agreement on cooperation between the Vitebsk branch of BelCCI and the Arkhangelsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry is signed. There were a working meeting with the negotiators of business and the presentation of economic potential and the commercial offers of the entities of the Vitebsk region interested in a cooperation (Additional Liability Company “Pilot-experimental enterprise "Kometa", Unitary Enterprise “Polymerconstruction”, Open Joint-stock Company “Vitebsk combine of bread products”,   JSC “Polotsk combine of bread products”, Unitary Enterprise  “Elect” of nongovernmental organizations “BelTIZ”, Open Joint-stock Company "Verkhnedvinsk butter-cheese plant", Filial branch of Municipal Production Unitary Enterprise “Vitebsk confectionery plant of Vitba”, Manufacturing Unitary Enterprise "Polotsk drinks and concentrates", OJSC «Polotsk Dairy Plant»,  the branch “Polotsk Bakery OJSK “Vitebskhlebprom”, Private Production and Trade Unitary Enterprise “SanSanodor” and others).

22-24 November