Documents preparation to obtain Schengen visas

UE «Vitebsk Branch of the BCCI" renders services in assistance of documents preparation to obtain Schengen visas for individuals and representatives of legal entities, the purpose of who is a trip to the country-member of the Schengen area in connection with the visit of international conferences, forums, exhibitions, negotiations and other circumstances that require a trip abroad.

Schengen visa - a document issued by the competent authorities to the person concerned to visit the countries of the Schengen zone.

The Schengen area is made up of 26 countries, which allowed the free movement of their citizens within this zone like in the same country. The Schengen area includes the main European countries, except Britain. Countries such as Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, and Ireland will soon sign an agreement.

There are countries that are not part of the EU, such as Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, but part of the Schengen zone and accept the policy of free movement.

The cost of services on assistance in documents preparation for obtaining a Schengen visa - 125.00 euros.

For each additional customer-party group - 25.00 euros.

If you are interested, no later than 3 weeks before the planned departure date, please send to the UE «Vitebsk Branch of the BCCI" application in free form indicating the name of the customer, details of the organization, contact telephone number and passport details.

Contact person: Alexander Yakimov; Tel. / Fax: +375 212 37 22 70; 375 33 399 7262.