Information for legal entities

We provide service of translation of various documents : contracts, certificates, manuals, data sheets and other specialized documents.

Performed translations can be certified by the seal of the UE “Vitebsk branch of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry”, as well as documents notarization. The procedure for submission of documents for translation with subsequent notarization can be viewed here. 

Also, interpretation is possible at conferences, business meetings, negotiations, pre-commissioning and other activities. The possibility of providing services is agreed in advance.

In addition, for legal entities it is obligatory to provide a guarantee letter, a sample of which can be downloaded here.

If required, it is possible to sign a single or a long-term contract for the provision of translation services.

Please note, that the translation of technical documents, medical, legal, economic and other specialized topics is considered to be specialized, consequently, its price is by 30% higher.